Tweeds Fine Furnishings

Welcome to Tweeds Fine Furniture and Home Decor. If you're looking for lodge style, mountain comfort, rustic elegance, or all of the above, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find only the best that the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

Tweeds' store is located in beautiful Woodland Park, Colorado, just behind Pikes Peak. "Just Bear Right" as you enter Woodland Park "For All Your Creature Comforts."

THE DRUMMER STORY...Years ago, when the Rocky Mountain front-range was first being settled, traveling merchants would come and go by horse drawn, covered wagon. These merchants, after finding a suitable location at the base of a mountain town, would set up their shops and then steadily beat the large drums that were carried with them everywhere.

These drum beats reverberated throughout the mountains, letting everyone in the area know that the shops were open for business. It is this process that coined the term "drumming up business" and earned merchants the title of the "Drummer". Nestled just off the beaten path, at the foot of Pikes Peak in the Rocky Mountain front-range, Tweeds has taken the place of those Drummers. Carrying all of the finest and most unique items of the area. Tweeds is committed to bringing you the warmth and comfort that can only be found in Colorado.

So please, enter our on-line store and enjoy a taste and style that will not be found elsewhere.